In today’s market there are numerous predictive dialer solution provider available, competing at cut-throat prices and a list of unique features. So when choosing the best suited solution provider, one must be careful and look at in-depth features and dig deep into detailed description of the solution and the provider, as it is fairly easy to fall prey to tricky advertisement techniques and maneuvers.


To better understand the benefits of predictive dialers as a whole, one of the seminal work in this area by Doug Samuelson, Predictive Dialing for Outbound Telephone Call Centers, shows us that predictive dialers have the ability to keep call center agents busier and immensely reduce the number of outbound calls that are abandoned due to the lack of an available operator to handle the presented call. With the help of research and empirical evidence, predictive dialers have shown to reduce the amount of time an agent spends waiting idly for call to made and connected from 2 mins to 20 mins in an hour. The numbers seem small in reading but when considered as a whole day’s worth of time, that’s a six times improvement. Thus, proving that predictive dialers are a powerful and must technology for any outbound call center.


When Doug Samuelson conducted his research, hardware based predictive dialers, which connected through switches, was the more state of the art dialer available. But since the introduction of cloud based call center solutions with integrated predictive dialers, most people have switched away from hardware based predictive dialers. The more advanced, cloud based dialers, have additional features such as dialing modes, preview and many other. Never the less, many call centers are struggling to shift from hardware based to cloud based call centers mainly because they have invested a lot of time, staff training and money on this technology. Many are even concerned about security. To solve this problem, there are providers providing hybrid solutions that migrate the predictive dialer to the cloud but for security offer hybrid deployment capabilities. This is an effective way to slowly shift to a full cloud based system. Moreover, cloud based predictive dialers have the ability to update contact list in real time, rearrange your list according to priority, build a single campaign out of multiple list and many campaigns out of a single list. Depending on the solution you choose, an ideal solution has the ability for utmost flexibility. Not only this but you even start and stop a campaign or campaigns and assign agents, of the fly.


Furthermore, predictive dialers have the ability to adhere government regulations, avoid any legal issues, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Also, it can monitor and enforce abandon rates, all the while letting you set safe calling hours to ensure your call center agents only call at appropriate hours, according to time zones. Not only this but you can also import Do Not Cal lists and even manage and updates its own internal Do Not Call list.

It’s commonly known that predictive dialers greatly improve efficiency by increasing agent talk time but to even add more efficiency, when an agent is busy on call, the predictive dialer systems allows agents to play pre-recorded messages that run even while the agents move on to the next call.

All of these are features and many more are only possible because of a complex algorithm used to code the predictive dialer software which has built in Artificial Intelligence. Thus, making predictive dialer a must switch to from our older traditional dialers.